Garyu 我龍 Live Performance

~ Catch the Alternative Taiko unit's 1st live performance in Singapore!

(Japanese Follows English)

Alternative Taiko Unit from Japan, "Garyu", is making their appearance in Singapore! Their unique music style of fusing wadaiko and western drums is pushing boundaries of Japanese traditional percussion music. Check out their videos and come join us for this exclusive mini live concert!

After the concert, we will host a meetup with the group (beverage will be served).

And Special Workshop Offer for mini live attendees!

A limited, first-come, first-served space is available for attendees to join free workshop by Garyu on 6 June (from 7:15 pm ~ 8:45 pm) at Hibikiya. Register "Mini Live Admission + 6 June Workshop" ticket, and we will send you a confirmation on workshop. The Workshop space is available on first come first served basis.

Please note that the space for workshop is not guaranteed till you receive a confirmation mail from us.

< Event Details >

Date: 8 June (Sun) 7:30 pm - 9pm (live performance and meetup)

Door opens at 7:00 pm.

Admission Price:

- Advance Live Admission: $15

- Ticket Price at the Door: $20 (cash only)

Host & Venue: Hibikiya Pte Ltd

Address: #01-02 Pemimpin Industrial Building, 63 Jalan Pemimpin, Singapore 577219

Questions?: enquiry@hibikiya.com.sg (9383-8480)

< イベント内容 >


また、ミニライブ参加者への特典として、6月6日 (Friday 7:15 pm ~ 8:45 pm) に開催するワークショップに無料ご招待します。限られたスペースのため、「ミニライブ+6/6 ワークショップ参加券」をお申し込みいただいた方限定となり、こちらからのメールをもって参加確定とさせて頂きます。先着順となりますので、チケットの申し込みの段階では100%確定ではございませんのでご注意下さい。

問い合わせ:enquiry@hibikiya.com.sg (9383-8480)
日時:2014年6月8日(日)午後7時30分から午後9時 (ミニライブ+交流会)

開場: 午後7時から


- 前売り価格:   $15

- 当日会場支払い: $20 (現金払のみ)

#01-02 Pemimpin Industrial Building, 63 Jalan Pemimpin, Singapore 577219


< Garyu Profile in English >
“Garyu” is a percussion and performance group from Fuchu city, Hiroshima, Japan, founded in June of 2005.

Garyu fuses wadaiko – traditional Japanese drums – with contemporary Western drums, to create a new style of music that moves beyond conventional genres. Their motto is “the pursuit of original expression.” The characters for Garyu read as “self” and “dragon.” Like a dragon trying to fly to the heavens, the members of Garyu work constantly to realize their own style of music. With these goals in mind, they make every hit on the drum count.

Garyu’s beat begins when they cut the hide of the drums themselves. The group makes inventive, modern instruments using traditional methods. Their music, materials, costumes and the majority of their instruments are entirely original.

Although Garyu’s music is influenced by a long-standing culture, it takes shape through modern expression. Their inspiration comes from various wadaiko practices from around Japan, different world instruments, and above all, the nature around us today. When they play, they interlace the rich scenery and heritage of their country with the beats of wadaiko and Western drum.

At first glance, Japanese and Western drums seem incompatible. But delve deeper, and you find that each contains unique elements that compliment and enhance one another. The members of Garyu challenge themselves to bring together the best of both styles of drums and give you modern music with a strong beat and a sharp edge.

< Garyu Profile in Japanese >


その活動は広がり続け、西日本最大級の野外音楽イベント『SETSTOCK』への出演、2010 年に
は『上海万博アジアステージ』での公演、自主公演『我龍 Concert2009、2011、2013』では 1500 席
チケットソールドアウトを果たす。2013 年の台湾ツアー『THE WALL』でのライブで成功をおさめ、


Garyu Members

Takashi Takeuchi | 竹内孝志

Takashi first encountered wadaiko at his local shrine, where he went to watch drum dances as a
child. Because of the influence of these dances, he always views the art of wadaiko as both music
and stage performance.

Takashi found his passion at an early age, and devoted himself to learning Japanese drums. He
performed with various groups throughout his childhood and early adulthood.

However, Takashi felt an increasing desire to express his own, unique musical world. His strength
of conviction led him to move away from the traditional structure of wadaiko performance groups.

In 2005, he started the drum unit Garyu. With Garyu, Takashi reaches back to his roots and produces
music that expresses the richness of the mountains where he was born and raised. But the sounds
he creates are no longer constrained by the normal framework of wadaiko drumming. His current
music is fluid, elegant and without waste.


Shunsuke Komoto | 香本峻介

When Shunsuke was little, he happened to see another kid his age playing the drums on a T.V. show.
He was so impressed that he decided to start learning the drums himself. He discovered that he had
a natural talent; within four years, he had advanced to the highest-level class at his school.

At 16, Shunsuke went north to Tokyo. There, he met many drummers from all walks of life, and with
them, polished his technique and honed his sensitivity. Shunsuke matured into a drummer with a
wide range of abilities. Today, he moves between playing hard rock, heavy metal, fusion and soul
music with ease.

Shunsuke met Takashi in 2005. Both were looking to explore the possibilities of fusing Western drums with Japanese wadaiko. Soon after meeting, they formed Garyu, and now work together with
the mutual goal of uniting contemporary drums, wadaiko, rhythm and the audience into a new type
of musical experience.

幼少の頃テレビ番組で天才チビッ子ドラマーを見て衝撃を受け、ドラムを習い始める。わずか4年で高等科に昇級し、14歳の時ハードロック、ヘヴィーメタル に目覚めて友人とバンドを結成し、地元のライブハウスで演奏活動を始める。16歳の夏に高校を中退し、ドラム修行のため上京、数多くのドラマーと出会い感 性と技術を磨く。17歳で地元に戻り、恩師のドラマーに師事しさらに腕を磨く。18歳でオリジナルバンド「Truth Believer」を結成、2枚CDをリリース(2007年解散)。そして、26歳のとき竹内孝志と出会い、お互いの音楽感に共鳴し、太鼓の融合という新 しい音楽の可能性にチャレンジし、独自のリズムと聴く人と一体となった舞台を作り上げている。

Hiroki Takeuchi | 竹内裕樹

Like his brother Takashi, Hiroki grew up watching drum dances. At 17, he became serious about
pursuing wadaiko as a career, and soon after he joined a local group.

During university, Hiroki was an active wadaiko performer in and around Hiroshima city. Thereafter,
he began playing as a supporting member of the group “Koraizin,” and later, Garyu.

He joined Garyu as an official member in 2007.

Hiroki is responsible for the deep and powerful drum beat that underlies much of Garyu’s music. He
often plays the large, standing wadaiko using a padded, 90-centimeter (3 foot) bachi. Hiroki’s style
is forceful and captivating, in a way that resonates with all audiences.

17歳で和太鼓に出会い、その力強い響きに衝撃を受け「福山達磨太鼓 有磨鼓遊会」に入団。 大学時代は「広島工業大学 鼓遊会」の代表として広島市内を中心に活動し、「太鼓打ち 鼓雷刄」「太鼓ユニット 我龍–garyu–」のサポートメンバーとして参加。2007年より太鼓ユニット我龍–garyu–の正式メンバーとして加入。パワフルな打法には定評があり、三尺を越えるバチを振り回し、豪腕からくり出される一打は観るもの、聴くものを圧倒する。腹の底まで轟く、猛々しいパフォーマンスには、老若男女問わずファンが多い。他にはマネできないような雄々しい表現を日々追求し、心の底から響く音を作り上げている。

Akira Takagi | 高木 章 (Saxophone Player & Actor )

Akira's music career started at age 14 as a Wadaiko performer. He has finally met Saxophone after he experienced many kinds of music and instruments through his Wadaiko play.

In 2007, he joined ALOHA BANANA, an indie band, then started his actor career, his field has expanded as they had live concerts all over Japan, in addition to his career as a professional actor.

After their breakup of ALOHA BANANA in 2013, Akira started collaboration with Alternative Taiko Unit, Garyu whom he had a close connection with. He is pursuing his original expression by playing, acting and designing.


2007年にインディーズバンドALOHA BANANAに参加と同時にプロ俳優としての活動も始め全国各地でライブ活動や様々な作品への出演を続ける。

2013年ALOHA BANANA解散後以前より交流のあった太鼓ユニット我龍とのコラボレーションをスタート。


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